Louisiana Motorcycle Rider Killed After Improperly Secured Helmet Comes Off

A twenty-three year old motorcycle operator was killed on August 7, 2011, when his improperly secured DOT approved helmet came off during a motorcycle accident on LA 111 in Vernon Parish, Louisiana. According to Baton Rouge, Louisiana motorcycle accident lawyer, Scott Andrews, Louisiana requires all motorcycle riders and occupants to wear a DOT approved helmet. But it doesn’t offer much protection if the helmet isn’t properly fitted and secured. The best practice is to purchase your DOT approved helmet from a respectable dealer who understands a proper fit and will work with you to find the helmet that best fits your head and will provide the most protection. For example, tighter is not always better because a helmet that is too tight may restrict blood flow. Andrews also warns purchasers to carefully inspect the helmet for the DOT certification as it has become all too common for people to place DOT stickers on novelty helmets that do not comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards. Buyer, beware.

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