Advertising Legal Services Ethically in Louisiana following the BP Oil Disaster

The Louisiana State Bar Association posted the following notice today regarding advertising legal services ethically in Louisiana in the wake of an accident or disaster.pdf:

“In an effort to assist our lawyers in their efforts to offer legal assistance to members of the public in the days, weeks and months that follow an accident or disaster, we would remind lawyers to review the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct and state law before attempting to advertise for and/or contact prospective clients in connection with the accident or disaster, paying particular attention to the items listed below.

“Additionally, as a benefit of LSBA membership, the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Ethics Advisory Service and LSBA Ethics Counsel are available to provide FREE confidential, informal, non-binding advice and opinions on matters regarding a lawyer’s own prospective conduct–including questions about proposed lawyer advertising and/or unsolicited written communications. Also, all advertisements and unsolicited written communications that must be filed and evaluated for compliance as per Rule 7.7 should be directed to LSBA Ethics Counsel; information on the filing requirements and filing process is available on-line, 24/7, at: LSBA Ethics Counsel, Richard P. Lemmler, Jr., can be reached at direct dial (504) 619-0144 or”