Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyers Salute the State Police for Cracking Down on Insurance Fraud

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana personal injury lawyers at Dué Guidry Piedrahita Andrews Courrege L.C. salute the Louisiana State Police Insurance Fraud Unit for cracking down on insurance fraud. Insurance fraud investigators made three arrests in July 2012 arising out of the submission of fraudulent insurance claims. The first involved a couple who allegedly set fire to their vehicle and then submitted a theft claim to State Farm; the second involved a fraudulent lost wage claim; and the the third involved the submission of false income information to obtain food stamps.

Anyone wishing to report criminal or suspicious activity to the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations is urged to contact Louisiana State Police detectives at 225-925-3682.

People who are seriously injured in accidents by the fault of another person deserve fair and just compensation for their injuries. People who submit false insurance claims deserve “three hots and a cot”.

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