Baton Rouge Trial Lawyer obtains $830,000 Jury Verdict for a Low-Speed Impact

After an automobile accident in Baton Rouge, the plaintiff had back surgery and a follow-up surgery to correct a complication due to movement of the bone graft. Liability was hotly contested by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and it mounted a vigorous defense on injury causation, arguing that the “low-speed impact” could not have caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Baton Rouge, Louisiana trial lawyer, Randy A. Piedrahita, explained to the jury through expert witness testimony that in collisions involving pick-up trucks, property damage estimates are misleading, and Randy demonstrated exactly how the plaintiff’s back injury correlated to his seating position at the time of the low-speed impact.

After a five day jury trial, the jury awarded over $830,000 to the car wreck victim, which was reduced by 25% for his comparative fault. State Farm settled the case after trial for $755,985.

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