Distracted Louisiana Truck Driver Causes Rear End 18 Wheeler Accident in Illinois

On the evening of March 31, 2010, a distracted Louisiana truck driver allegedly caused a nine vehicle accident on Interstate 57 in Illinois, when the 18 wheeler he was operating rear-ended a vehicle in a construction zone. The Louisiana truck driver was allegedly looking down at a map when he encountered the slow moving traffic. Three people were killed when their SUV caught on fire. Thirteen people were hospitalized.

According to the United State Department of Transportation, there are three primary types of distracted driving: 1) visual or taking your eyes off the road; 2) manual or taking you hands of the wheel; and 3) cognitive or taking your mind off what you are doing. Examples of activities that distract drivers include texting, grooming, talking to passengers, eating and drinking, reading (including maps), watching electronic devices, using a cell phone and changing the radio station or other music player.

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