Dog Attacks and Kills Child

A Rottweiler dog attacked and killed a 20 month old boy in Florida while the boy was reaching for a cookie he had dropped on the ground.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana injury attorney, Scott Andrews, says “animal attacks occur too often and are usually by dogs trained to be vicious by their owners or by dogs that are not properly supervised by their owners.” In Louisiana, damages caused by animals are governed by Louisiana Civil Code article 2321, which provides that the owner of a dog is “strictly liable for damages for injuries to person or property caused by the dog and which the owner could have prevented and which did not result from the injured person’s provocation.” The owners of all other animals in Louisiana are “answerable for the damage caused by the animal” upon a showing that the owner knew or should have known that his animal’s behavior would cause damage, and that by the exercise of reasonable care, the damage could have been prevented.

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