Jury Dispenses Justice in West Baton Rouge Parish for Randy Piedrahita’s Client

On May 15, 2014, a West Baton Rouge Parish jury awarded $825,751 to a woman whose vehicle was rear-ended by an Entergy bucket truck.

Baton Rouge attorneys, Randy Piedrahita and Don Cazayoux, argued the Entergy Bucket truck totaled forty-one year-old Lana Averette’s car, causing her significant injuries. “Two-thirds of the award was for Lana’s medical bills, the rest being for her lost wages and other damages,” said Randy Piedrahita, lead counsel. The 11-1 jury verdict came after four of Lana’s doctors testified her injuries required $500,000 of future medical care so she could return to the workforce. No award for future losses from the date of trial forward besides medical expenses was requested by Lana Averette’s attorney, as her doctors said so long as the medical procedures were done, she would be able to return to work. “We couldn’t ask the jury to believe these treatments would work and then in the same breath ask them to make an award just in case they didn’t,” Piedrahita said. “We’re glad the jury came back with a quick verdict that vindicated everything Lana and her doctors were saying.” It is unknown whether Entergy will be appealing this jury verdict.

Randy Piedrahita is an attorney with the firm of Dué Guidry Piedrahita Andrews Courrege L.C. and is a candidate for 19th JDC District Judge for the Parish of East Baton Rouge. Don Cazayoux is an attorney with the firm of Cazayoux Ewing and is a former Congressman, State Representative, and United States Attorney.