Zachary, Louisiana Emergency Room Malpractice Case Settles

After unanimously winning the medical review panel, Baton Rouge, Louisiana medical malpractice lawyer, Scott Andrews, settles a failure to diagnose compartment syndrome case against an emergeny room doctor for $450,000.

Plaintiff, a fifty-one year old nurse, presented to the Lane Memorial emergency room in Zachary, Louisiana, on the evening of September 5, 2005, with a history of falling twice within the last week, right lower leg and ankle pain of 10/10, swelling in the right foot, ankle and lower leg, and the inability to feel her toes. Plaintiff had a long history of back problems and pain that had required two lumbar surgeries and she was being actively treated for progressing lumbar disease and pain in the weeks before the emergency room visit. Physical examination by the emergency room physician revealed edema, pain on movement, pain on palpation and diminished range of motion. X-rays ruled out fractures and an ultrasound ruled out DVT. The emergency room physician sent plaintiff home with a diagnosis of “sprain”, without any consideration being given to the differential diagnosis of acute compartment syndrome–a medical emergency requiring immediate surgical intervention. The next morning, plaintiff was unable to flex her foot. She went to work and saw her treating neurosurgeon, who immediately sent her to the Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center emergency room in Baton Rouge for a four compartment fasciotomy. Because of the delay in diagnosing the compartment syndrome and relieving the compartmental pressure, plaintiff sustained a permanent drop-foot.

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