Multi-Million Dollar Jury Verdict Against Centerpoint Energy Upheld by Louisiana Supreme Court

The Louisiana Supreme Court upheld a $23 million St. Landry Parish jury verdict in favor of six members of an Opelousas, Louisiana family who were horribly burned in a house fire and explosion in June 2003. According to the family’s lead trial attorney, Randy Piedrahita, of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana personal injury law firm of Dué Guidry Piedrahita Andrews Courrege L.C., Centerpoint Energy was held responsible for one-half of the judgment for failing to properly lock its gas meter when discontinuing service to a rent house for non-payment. Centerpoint Energy failed to comply with federal law and its internal procedures by either placing a locking device on the gas meter to prevent it from being turned on, or installing a blind plate to prevent the flow of gas through the line in the event the meter was turned on by an unauthorized person. Centerpoint Energy’s negligence enabled just such an unauthorized person to turn the gas meter on to the rent house with devastating consequences to the residents because of a gas pipe that had inadvertently been left open in the house. Fugitive gas flowed into the house for several hours while the family slept, and was then ignited by an unknown source.

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