Things Baton Rouge Lawyers Do Not Do!!!

My good friend and colleague, Ed Walters, recently revised his 1987 list of things Baton Rouge lawyers do not do for a Wex Malone Inn of Court meeting and for publication in the Baton Rouge Bar Association‘s December 2010 edition of the Around the Bar magazine. Ed’s article is entitled “from whence they came…redux” and includes this “UPDATED VERSION OF ED’S RULES”:

1. Baton Rouge lawyers don’t lie to each other or to the court.

2. A Baton Rouge lawyer will not default another lawyer when he has been notified that the other lawyer will be representing a party in a case.

3. A Baton Rouge lawyer does not set up depositions without first coordinating the times and dates with the calendars of all other attorneys involved in the case.

4. A Baton Rouge lawyer will not file a motion to compel without first notifying the other lawyer that he is going to do so and without allowing the offending lawyer a chance to respond after being so notified.

5. Baton Rouge lawyers do not engage in ex parte conversations with the court.

6. When a Baton Rouge lawyer says he is going to do something or send you something, he does.

7. No written motions are required if a Baton Rouge lawyer gives you an extension of time, unless, of course, some official court rule requires it.

8. Baton Rouge lawyers are considerate to other lawyers, judges, their paralegals, secretaries, law clerks and staff.

9. Baton Rouge lawyers realize that a lawyer’s client is very precious to him and, as such, do not try to entice another lawyer’s clients away.

10. Baton Rouge lawyers do not file unnecessary pleadings just for the purpose of generating an attorney’s fee.

11. Baton Rouge lawyers always return phone calls and e-mails from other Baton Rouge lawyers (maybe late, but eventually).

12. Baton Rouge lawyers do not use the threat of sanctions as a litigation tactic.

13. Baton Rouge lawyers do not engage in personal attacks on other lawyers or witnesses.

14. Baton Rouge lawyers don’t hide behind electronic communications to say something to another lawyer that they wouldn’t say to his or her face.

15. Baton Rouge lawyers think about that nasty e-mail they just typed before they hit the “Send” button.

Thank you Ed for reminding us all what the practice of law should be like!